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The Joust

August 17, 2012  |  Family  |  1 Comment

Jennifer commission Boone to shoot a few photos before we left 5 pockets.. it was the joust.. and it was Glorious!!!

Sir Slouches in the Saddle geared up for the joust!

Squaring off!

Umm… she is a good rider.. and I should have Armour!!!

The pass… OMG!

Reset! Hyaaaa…. On Sundance!!!


Guest post continued!

August 16, 2012  |  General  |  Comments Off on Guest post continued!

Jen was so kind to shoot so many great shots!

I actually snapped this one of a little hair streak

Helping Boone Get Hazel ready for the ride back to the ranch

I shot this down at the ranch.. Just loved the horse!

We got some pretty good rain on the ride down..

Crossing the Braided stream


Jen and I in 5 Pockets

August 15, 2012  |  Family  |  Comments Off on Jen and I in 5 Pockets

These are all guest photos from Jen! She is awesome… the shots are of us and our faithful horses in 5 pockets.. this is an area known for 5 alpine basins that come together in a larger basin.. This is all located in the Absoraka mountains and specifically in the Washakie wilderness area.. The Washakie is known as the relocation locale for ” problem ” bears from Yellowstone… We did not see any but we looked! and we saw signs..

Saddles set up in Camp

Looking up at Bear marks well over my head…

Early early morning hike up the Braided stream to look for wildlife

it finally starts to warm up a bit on the Dawn hike..

Jen with Hazel our Pack horse for the trip

Butch..Jen… and Sundance

Jen has more shots!

August 14, 2012  |  Family, Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Jen has more shots!

Jen has more photos! At least they are all off her Camera.. I snapped the one of her on her BDAY! She looks fantastic! Others here are from Five Pockets and our horses..

Jen, on her Birthday!

My Trusty Buddy, Sundance

Horse Skulls up in Five Pockets

Butch and Sundance

Boone and I relax after a long ride into Five Pockets

Leaping the creek..

Guest Post from Jennifer

August 13, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  2 Comments

Jen sent me over a bunch of pics.. She actually did most of the shooting when we rode both to Ram’s horn and 5 pockets.. She is a real horse person and rider, so carry the camera and shooting from horseback was easy for her.. I on the other hand Had to hang on while riding.. So all these shots are courtesy Jennifer.

Boone and I setting out from camp in 5 Pockets


That guy hanging in Ramshorn Basin

Mountain Blue bird

Smoke from the fires in Brooks lake area

Horses moving out at the end of the day

Turn Out

August 10, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

Each evening they turn out the horses and each morning they round them up… watching them Turn out the horses in the evening was a fantastic the morning (if you got up) you could also see a moose or other wildlife while they rounded up..


Forest Fire

August 9, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

Over at Brooks lake..20 + miles by road easily..but only a couple of Valley’s over as the crow flies.. had a fire while we were there.. and on the afternoon back from blew up big time.. and put on quite a show with the smoke..

Post ride at the Barn

August 8, 2012  |  General  |  Comments Off on Post ride at the Barn

After the all day ride to Ramshorn we got back to the barn.. a fire was noted a few valley’s over and we could see the smoke rising behind cathedral peak..a big black horse took a nice roll and for Jen and I it was time for a sit down and relax for a bit..

Smoke begins to bloom behind Cathedral peak

A big Guy Takes a nice roll!

A better look at the smoke behind cathedral peak

a nice walk around after the roll

The ranch

Cathedral on the left.. Bodecker butte on the right

Break for lunch

August 7, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Break for lunch

I think we could have sat around here forever…Just looking around on a wonderful lunch break.. looking at little was great..

Craggy rocks

rams horn


Endless view out the valley

Sun hitting the high country

The Crew takes a lunch


Elk on the Move

August 6, 2012  |  WildLife  |  Comments Off on Elk on the Move

As we entered Ramshorn Basin we saw several groups of Elk.. The Largest group decided to move around us and down the valley skirting the high walls of the basin.. it was quite a site..