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Leigh Lake

September 14, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

What a wonderful spot! Jen actually Waded out..I hung on the shore.. it really started to look like rain and we were hearing some thunder…but it never really came down, until after we finished the hike.

The Boat launch at the end of the Portage


Leigh Lake Left

Leigh Lake

Storms are brewing

Side trail to Leigh lake

September 13, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Side trail to Leigh lake

While Hiking the String lake trail we hopped onto a Side trail and Hiked up to Leigh lake..

Saw my Spirit mammal along the way…( The Marmot)..and crossed what was probably cottonwood creek here..

Marmot pokes his head out..




Trail stretching out in front of us..


Cotton wood creek


raging over a log



Northwestern Fritillary

September 12, 2012  |  Close Ups  |  Comments Off on Northwestern Fritillary

Butterflies can be tough to Identify.. I used this site for this little guy…and I think the Northwesterner is the closest match.. but have a look..






Blooming in Wyoming

September 11, 2012  |  Close Ups, Outdoors  |  1 Comment

Many things were Blooming in Wyoming.. Osha..Monks Hood..and you could still see the remnants of spring..


String lake trail

Stormy clouds were looming, but we did not see the rain

Not to sure here..I want to say some kind of rose..

Little Beetle


Monks Hood

remnants of spring


A little closer on String Lake

September 10, 2012  |  Close Ups, General  |  1 Comment

As we Hiked String Lake.. we took a little closer look.. Butterflies..Hairstreaks..wild flowers..and a Hornets nest


Paint Brush


Blue Bells?

Lilly pads on the lake

blooming in lots of places

Hornets nest

String Lake Hike

September 7, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on String Lake Hike

Jen and I headed out to loop String lake in Grand Teton National Park.. a beautiful and bit warm day for the mountains.. I think the question we were asked most was, ” do you have your bear spray?” Um…No..which is always met with a look of disdain.. well.. we did not see any bears.. or see any sign…I guess it was OK..LOL

The bridge to the trail.. Love those National park trails!

String lake

Another Bridge is a great spot.. I may not have to get my feet wet!

Rounding the big corner

String lake


Thinking of the Mountains

September 6, 2012  |  Outdoors, WildLife  |  2 Comments

Here in Texas we have been stringing together a few 100+ degree days in a row.. and it looks like the dog days of Summer are here in September. No worries.. I have dreams of the Teton’s to keep me cool!

Loved this Moose shot

Pine warbler

Visitors center

September 5, 2012  |  General  |  Comments Off on Visitors center

We dropped by the Visitors center for Grand Teton National Park, both the GTNP and the Rockefeller preserve have exceptional facilities.

Visitors center

Creek behind the visitors center

Ruins near the Mormon camp

Violet Green Swallowtail

relief model in the center


So Many Buffalo

September 4, 2012  |  WildLife  |  1 Comment

We encountered so many Buffalo on our trip back through the mormon camp.. we got a ton of great shots..

Tried to keep my distance from this little Baby

Classic shot

Little Ground squirrel, not phased by our presence

Would I be charged?

he was pretty mellow actually