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Our Beach

November 14, 2012  |  Dogs, Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Our Beach

Jen and I have a spot at Pace Bend.. its across where the lake usually is.. and the dogs like to frolic on the old lake bed.. its kinda Rocky for a beach..but no one goes there!

The Beach


Rocky and remote


playing in the old lake bed


other folks at Jet ski Point


Yours Truly





Swimming lessons

November 13, 2012  |  Dogs  |  Comments Off on Swimming lessons

Its Cold here this morning.. but these summer shots are so warm and fun! Jen gives the doggies some swimming lessons!


Casino likes his life preserver




He is special


Jen getting towed in by Casino


ok everyone lets all paddle


swimming with the dogs

Lake Travis

November 12, 2012  |  Dogs  |  Comments Off on Lake Travis

We Swam with the Puppies.. Cachina Just likes to wade mostly although she will swim out.. Chief will swim around and we gave Casino a little life preserver as he learns.. He likes to walk on his back legs and being as tall as us he can walk out pretty far!

That Dog can make a wake!



OK he is going in!


looping around


Cachina Browsing on the shore


Safe in Mom’s arms



How are the Dogs?

November 9, 2012  |  Dogs  |  1 Comment

Great! Here is the crew at play out at Pace bend Park.. One of their favorites!



Cachina and Casino






The Pack




November 8, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Textures

I just love these 2 shots of the top of the lively loop.. its kinda tough to see but it looks well across the upper plateau of the Colorado river and way out there is the far bank of the Colorado.. which has a pretty good size valley in this area.. I also had some fun shooting some of the old trees and textures the bark shows over time..

The far grey ridge is the other side of the Colorado river Valley





Pocket Prairies

November 7, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Pocket Prairies

Along the top of the Ridge on the Lively loop there are all kinds of little Pocket Prairies.. fields of blue stem and cactus..its a nice place!







Lively shots

November 6, 2012  |  Close Ups, Outdoors  |  1 Comment

Ahhh…Back in the Texas Hill country…Trails through the cedars that cool you off on a hot day.. wide open ancient two tracks for hiking..and flowers that either stick to you or have spines! Juniper berries and limestone that looks like snow.



wonderful section of trail that is so nice and cool in the shade



Wide open two tracks



Lively Loop

November 5, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Lively Loop

The upper reaches of Colorado Bend State park. The Lively loop which connects some of the primitive camping to the main trails. A nice little loop of about 6 miles in one of our best parks. Once part of an old ranch..I crossed a lot of fence lines





Bull Creek hike

November 2, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Bull Creek hike

Bull Creek was dry last year…which is amazing considering the flow this year.. Just a bit of rain helps!



a little falls farther up the trail


a co Worker and her Pup Bhodi


Limestone forms the bottom of the creek



Just a little rain goes a long way!


Bhodi investigates a car that came off the cliff above us a long time ago..

Swimming hole

November 1, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

The Big Trip is over and it was great to be back in Central Texas.. One of the first stops was the bull creek swimming hole with Jenell V. and her friend, I hiked with them as they prepared for their journey to Peru and the Incan trail.

small falls fills the swimming area



Fun spot..for humans and dogs!



The beach