Butterflies and Flowers

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Sometimes the Birding is slow.. but there is always beauty around…






Grass Burrs

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I think you know what I am talking about.. but I do not think they grow everywhere…The Grass burr..its a small very sharp little ball that is a seed. It hitches a ride on Socks, Shoes, and animal fur. This weed proliferates when allowed and sneaks in as a wonderful spring flower, that turns into something evil..I am not 100% sure..but this may be the plant..its an invasive and we fight it in our yard..

These shots are from the Mueller area and show that folks would be reluctant to yank these early on as they look like a delicate white wild flower… do not be seduced by evil…

The White flowers all around the Mexican Sombrero are grass burrs


Same here past the larkspur..


a Field of pretty white flower until they mature


Actually one of the Views from warbler vista, totally unrelated to the post, LOL


same here, the big hill near warbler vista…

Wild Flowers

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From The hike out at Doe Skin, Jen and I came back into town and headed to Hornsby Bend for some birding..





Bolted Down

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Everything is so industrial at the museum…its wonderful..





A Close up

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I was trying out the “microscope” function on the little cam.. 





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While the Wild flowers were not off the charts while we were in the Teton’s.. they were subtly beautiful..





Black Swallowtail

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One of the most beautiful butterflies that is common in central Texas is the Black Swallowtail.. seen here at Mitchell Lakes.








Huey Dewey, and Louie..the Pelicans

Huey Dewey, and Louie..the Pelicans


Maybe a Hairstreak?

Maybe a Hairstreak?

Who is that in the bird blind?

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Summer Hikes

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Butterflies have been out in force with all the wet weather…Seeing a lot of common ones like these Tawny Emperors and Red Admirals.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral





Tawny Emperor

Tawny Emperor


Red Admiral

Red Admiral


Tawny Emperor

Tawny Emperor

Looking around the Lake

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Just looking around the lake and snapping photos…