Jenny Lake

December 26, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Jenny Lake

We trekked further North and got to Jenny Lake and walked around a bit..








Cunningham Cabin

December 22, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Cunningham Cabin

I think that was what this was called.. it was the old Pioneer cabin further north in the park..Beautiful Red shoulder hawk flew over..and we watched the Horses being turned out..







December 20, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Reflections

The Pond was a mirror that morning 






Schwabacher Pond

December 19, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Schwabacher Pond

Beautiful Morning at Schwabacher

Mt Moran


Columbia Ground Squirrel


Mt Moran reflected


Red Wing Black bird



Up Early

December 14, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Up Early

We got out of Bed Early and headed over to the Mormon Cabins out in the Valley..

Western Meadowlark


Mormon Cabin



Just out of the car

December 13, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Just out of the car

Its really amazing what you can shoot just hopping out of the car..






The Tetons

December 12, 2016  |  Travel, Vacation  |  Comments Off on The Tetons

We hopped out of the car for a photo.. I snapped a couple of shots of the Tetons.. and then looking NE and SE from the parking lot..dramatic how these mountains rise out of the valley..

Grand Teto



Looking NE


Looking SE


Corbet’s Couloir

December 9, 2016  |  Vacation  |  1 Comment

At the top of Jackson hole is a run they open from time to time with a drop of Mandatory air before a steep cliff walled chute.. Corbet’s...When I was a skier this was the biggy, and one spring break with awesome spring conditions I skied the famous chute with about a 7 foot drop into the steeps.. it was make it or break it..Miss the turn at the top, and everyone on the tram and watching from the Rim would see you plummet with possible life alerting outcomes.. or you make the first turn and look like a hero..That day I made it..and on our trip up to Wyoming..I reminisced  as we looked back at the mighty Jackson hole from the southern edge of the Grand Teton National park..

Top Of Jackson Hole


Corbitts is center to the left of the tram pole..


South Teton


American Robin



Southern Tetons

December 8, 2016  |  Vacation  |  Comments Off on Southern Tetons

Here is our view as we entered Teton National Park from the south..






December 7, 2016  |  Vacation, WildLife  |  Comments Off on Moose

Had to Jump back to Jackson for a second.. and say as we walked on the ridge line we tracked a moose in the water about 100 feet below us…