Doing a little shooting

August 30, 2012  |  General

Jen and I joined the group for a little shooting at the ranch. We popped some skeet from the launcher and shot a fun old western style 22 at some iron targets we set up across the river..

setting up some targets

at the ready for the PULL

in Classic Nilles fashion, I unloaded the gun on those targets

Jen Knocking them down

Shooting the old west 22

Looking down range with Jen

Stabilized, I could ping the iron just about every time


  1. Niiiiiiiice! XO

  2. Do you know who Graham Elliot is? He reminds me of you. He’s one of the judges on Master chef. Funny to see you shooting. I shot a 12 gauge for the first time a years ago & I missed, dropped the gun. OOPs