Jen and I in 5 Pockets

August 15, 2012  |  Family

These are all guest photos from Jen! She is awesome… the shots are of us and our faithful horses in 5 pockets.. this is an area known for 5 alpine basins that come together in a larger basin.. This is all located in the Absoraka mountains and specifically in the Washakie wilderness area.. The Washakie is known as the relocation locale for ” problem ” bears from Yellowstone… We did not see any but we looked! and we saw signs..

Saddles set up in Camp

Looking up at Bear marks well over my head…

Early early morning hike up the Braided stream to look for wildlife

it finally starts to warm up a bit on the Dawn hike..

Jen with Hazel our Pack horse for the trip

Butch..Jen… and Sundance