Warbler Vista

07/19/2017  |  Comments Off on Warbler Vista

One of my Favorite trails.. its very short, maybe 3 miles total..but the views of Lake Travis are very impressive.... more

Grass Burrs

07/18/2017  |  Comments Off on Grass Burrs

I think you know what I am talking about.. but I do not think they grow everywhere...The Grass burr..its a... more

Mueller Area

07/17/2017  |  Comments Off on Mueller Area

Austin's Airport before the one out on the edge of town was near 51st, Mueller. Its now a new development... more

Duck Lifting

07/14/2017  |  Comments Off on Duck Lifting

Northern Shovelers mostly taking flight at Hornsby bend.. a few coots in there think they might take off...but..hehe...          

Wild Flowers

07/13/2017  |  Comments Off on Wild Flowers

From The hike out at Doe Skin, Jen and I came back into town and headed to Hornsby Bend for... more

Save Net Neutrality

07/12/2017  |  Comments Off on Save Net Neutrality

Today is the Day...a Day of Action.. Tell the FCC you want a free internet!     


07/11/2017  |  Comments Off on Solitude

The Indian Meadows area offers the best part of hiking...the Solitude..its quiet, a long way from major highways and its... more

Indian Meadows

07/10/2017  |  Comments Off on Indian Meadows

On the back side of Doe Skin Ranch is one of my favorite areas near Austin.. Indian Meadows..        

Texas Hill country

07/05/2017  |  Comments Off on Texas Hill country

The Balconies Canyonlands is one of the finest examples of Texas Hill country in the area..        

Doe Skin Ranch

06/30/2017  |  Comments Off on Doe Skin Ranch

One of my Favorite places in Central Texas.. the Balconies National Wildlife Refuge.. Specifically Does skin ranch..