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November 30, 2017  |  General  |  Comments Off on Tasty

How about a few food shots!

Chicken broccoli casserole!

Black berry pancakes

Chicken with cauliflower rice and black beans

Low carb cranberry cobbler!

Poquito Creek to Town Lake

November 29, 2017  |  Austin  |  Comments Off on Poquito Creek to Town Lake

Another Urban ride on my KTM took me from 38th down around the east side near Boggy creek to Poquito Creek and then down to town lake… Great ride! 

Town Lake, or as it is now known as, Lady Bird Lake


On the East side, its so cool to find natural pathways in the heart of the city


Boggy Creek


Lady Bird Lake


Poquito Creek

Urban Bike ride

November 28, 2017  |  Austin  |  Comments Off on Urban Bike ride

I took a spin down Waller creek and back up Shoal Creek, it sounds like its out there in the wilds, but both creeks Cut through the heart of Downtown…

Looking south


The Capital was close


The Pride Parade was setting up on a side street by the capital


I rode up to the top of a parking garage to snap a few shots

Washing the Pups

November 27, 2017  |  Dogs  |  Comments Off on Washing the Pups

These Dogs need a good rinse! 





This is Chris John’s Little pup Named LUBY! So sweet!!

Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017  |  Dogs, Family  |  2 Comments

From Jen and I, and our Furry Friends, To you!! Happy Thanksgiving! 



The Pit

November 22, 2017  |  Music  |  Comments Off on The Pit

I like to hang out up front at certain shows.. only the ones I really like, mostly because it gets a little hectic watching up front…I took all these shots at the Mowhawk during the Casualties!! 





Davey Krum bum Singing with the Casualties! Epic! 


November 21, 2017  |  Austin, Music  |  1 Comment

I have seen a lot of great music lately!! 

Brewtalility Inc.




Knocking Bones, on the last night Bull McCabes was open..


What a Line up for a 3 dollar show..



Sniper 66

November 20, 2017  |  General  |  Comments Off on Sniper 66

Saw These Guys Last Night, Excellent show..

Last few Random shots from the fishing trip

November 17, 2017  |  Travel  |  Comments Off on Last few Random shots from the fishing trip

It was a long and wonderful trip..we wound up in Fargo..and then on home…

The Burger Family at A&W


What a Nutty Add in the Winnipeg Airport..


Whoa..even Nuttier..Hey Come to Nunavut and Kill things




The Alley Between Roberts street and Broadway

Gotta get on the plane

November 16, 2017  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Gotta get on the plane

Michael was allowed to kiss the cup, but Jimmy took it home…and we hopped on a plane! 

Michael hoists the cup


We all load up and the resort changes over..


Long flight over miles of wilderness 


Beautiful chain lakes and boreal forest 


As we got closer to civilization the impacts of mans actions on the planet could be seen from the air.. Here a pond near some kind of mine 


Landing at the halfway point