Last few Random shots from the fishing trip

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It was a long and wonderful trip..we wound up in Fargo..and then on home…

The Burger Family at A&W


What a Nutty Add in the Winnipeg Airport..


Whoa..even Nuttier..Hey Come to Nunavut and Kill things




The Alley Between Roberts street and Broadway

Gotta get on the plane

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Michael was allowed to kiss the cup, but Jimmy took it home...and we hopped on a plane!           

Gangler’s Lodge

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They did have a nice place to hang out..        

Looking around the Lodge

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Back in the Lodge..they had some fun Taxidermy..      

Finishing up the Big cam Roll

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The Fishing trip was so fun, and the end of the day on the Esker was the last few shots... more

Late in the day up on the Esker

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As we made our Way back from the drive on the esker, the light began to get really nice...        

Just listening to tunes

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Jimmy brought the JBL speaker and we hung out listening to some tunes drinking a cold one..        

Happy Anniversary!

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8 years my love!        

No really, Shore Lunch!

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Michael catches a fish that will be so tasty!         

Shore Lunch

11/03/2017  |  Comments Off on Shore Lunch

After a long morning of hauling in lunkers, we stopped for a bite to eat..