Granite Shores

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Delesseps Lake in NW Ontario, in the St. Raphael provincial park…Guardian Eagle Lodge…










What did I eat?

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Oh my... This was tasty...        

Looking down

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The Plane was hot and stuffy and FULL! We had a good flight with some bumps, but looking down was... more

Plane ride

07/28/2015  |  1 Comment

We Just had a wonderful fishing trip into Canada! We arrived at the Airport in Sioux Lookout and Flew in... more

Black Swallowtail

07/17/2015  |  Comments Off on Black Swallowtail

One of the most beautiful butterflies that is common in central Texas is the Black Swallowtail.. seen here at Mitchell... more

Who is that in the bird blind?

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Summer Hikes

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Butterflies have been out in force with all the wet weather...Seeing a lot of common ones like these Tawny Emperors... more


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We Love Frankie's Tiki Room.. its Dark and the drinks are amazing..Carson Kitchen in Las Vegas is also a fantastic... more

Guest Post

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My Friend Chris was at Punk Rock Bowling with me and sent over these shots for ATF! Thanks Chris!!        

Just not quite in Focus

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Punk Rock Bowling was an epic festival, and I saw a ton of great bands..but not to many shots  were... more