The Pacific

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Beautiful and deep blue.. what a great spot to just sit and stare..










North of San Francisco

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I traveled back to California and had almost a full day before the conference, so I went North of San... more

Game Camera

04/13/2015  |  2 Comments

Marcia was so kind on my Big 5-0 and sent over a gift card. I bought a Game camera and... more

Onion Creek

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Flowing through McKinney Falls St. Park is Onion Creek, Clear and cool on this morning..and super fun for Lexi to... more

McKinney Falls

04/10/2015  |  1 Comment

Back in Austin and just outside of town is a wonderful St. Park, Mckinney Falls. We hiked Mckinney with Chase,... more

National Sea Shore

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Just a few more shots I really liked from the Padre Island National Sea Shore..          

Padre Island National Sea Shore

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Jen and I drove S. of Port Aransas a bit and visited the National Sea Shore.. a protected place that... more

Pups on the Dune

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The Dogs were Loving it.. up and down on the small dunes near the ocean...          

Pups on the Beach

04/06/2015  |  1 Comment

You can drive on the beach in Texas, and Jen and I drove as far down as we dared, and... more

Birds of Port A

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Most of these were shot while we waited to see both the Cinnamon teal ( shot below) and a groove... more