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My Friend, in 93-94….




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Dad and Micheal came down and we trekked to San Antonio for a walk through the Missions National all... more

All Tired out

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After the good long hike.. the pack was ready for some chill time..        

The Park looks good

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As the loop of Lake Meridian began to get back around to the dam and the last leg.. the park... more

Back side

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Around the Back side of the lake we came across where the creek fed into the lake and a great... more

A Close up

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I was trying out the "microscope" function on the little cam..       

On the backside

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We got around to the far side of the lake and we did not see many other folks we... more

Bee Ledge

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About 1/2 the way around the lake the Trail descends to the lake edge and Bee Ledge overlook.. a wonderful... more

Heading out for a Hike

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The next morning Jen and I headed out to hike around the lake!         


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On Saturday we went into the town of Meridian proper. It is the county seat and has a wonderful square... more