Standing on Roma Bluffs

September 27, 2016  |  Outdoors  |  No Comments

Roma Bluffs looks over the Rio Grande River and right inĀ Cuidad Miguel Aleman Mexico..










Cuidad Miguel Aleman

09/26/2016  |  No Comments

The Border crossing into Mexico across from Roma.. Note their Mini Wall to keep unruly Americans out..      

Roma Texas

09/23/2016  |  No Comments

We made our way up the Rio Grande River to the west to Roma Texas... A town with rich history... more

Wait, That’s not a hummingbird

09/22/2016  |  1 Comment

A Hooded Oriole takes over the humming bird feeder for a bit...but the Ruby Throat shows back up..Also.. if you... more

A couple Butterflies

09/21/2016  |  No Comments

Just down the trail and these little folks were busy doing their Thing..          

Road Runner

09/20/2016  |  No Comments

Sometimes called the Chaparral, The Comics of the bird world... so fun to watch..          

Bentsen Rio Grande Valley St. Park

09/19/2016  |  No Comments

Right on the Border, this is one of a string of parks and national recreation areas that make up the... more

No Swimming

09/16/2016  |  No Comments

Here on the Rio Grande we can look across into the nice little park on the Mexico side.. and here... more

Collared Lizard

09/15/2016  |  No Comments

We saw these guys all over the wall of this little building, getting some morning sun..      

Cactus Tree

09/14/2016  |  No Comments

At the entrance to the hawk tower trail at Lloyd Benson Rio Grande State Park...