Sights of Downtown Las Vegas

July 28, 2016  |  Travel  |  1 Comment

Chris and I were in Sin City over the Memorial day weekend…These are from Downtown on East Fremont street…

Out Front of the El Cortez

Out Front of the El Cortez


The Container Park

The Container Park just a parking lot...

A….Motel…now just a parking lot…


Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors


A Little Downtown Art..

A Little Downtown Art..

Goose Island

07/27/2016  |  No Comments

Our second day of the Texas Two Step contest was at Goose Island.. while not as productive as Charlie's Pasture..... more

Shore birds

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We shot a few of these photos right along the road in Port A... then we moved on to Goose... more

American Redstart

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One of my favorite birds on the trip, the American Redstart..and a few commons!        

Just a bite

07/22/2016  |  1 Comment

Really I only tasted these entrees... never really ate them all...LOL        

Ruddy Duck

07/21/2016  |  1 Comment

One of the funniest looking...yet sophisticated ducks around!        


07/20/2016  |  1 Comment

This Giant reptile is the top of the food chain in this pond...we got up close!        

More from the Pond

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A few more shots of the common birds at Paradise Pond in Port Aransas.          

Ladder back

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The Ladder back woodpecker made an appearance, along with the night heron..          

Paradise Pond

07/15/2016  |  Comments Off on Paradise Pond

Nearly Connected to Charlie's Pasture is a Small boardwalk with a lot of Birds...Paradise pond..