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After a long trip to Montana, we stayed our first night at the famous Kandahar Lodge!  Wonderful Accommodations!











What did we eat?

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I took these shots up in Montana at the Glacier grill and Pizza in Columbia Falls, and Serrano's in East... more

Head over to the Railroad Bridge

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After the Snake encounter I headed over to the railroad bridge.. and saw a little deer along the way..          

Canyons on the Alien Planet

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Exploring other worlds...Actually just a few Macro shots of a very old log..I never really travelled to any Alien planets..that... more

Red meets Yellow…Kill a fellow

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Red Meets black...Friend of Jack...The Old Rhyme to help identify the venomous Coral Snake which you can see a lot... more

A Colorado River

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Texas has its Colorado river and it makes a long trip from west Texas to the Gulf coast bringing water... more

What did we eat?

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Well this week I have a few random shots from all over the place.. 2 from the convenience store down... more

Cottonwood Kings trail

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First up was the Cottonwood Kings trail, which got its name from the massive cottonwood trees lining the bank of... more

Down to the Colorado river

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I took a trip to Bastrop County and walked the Colorado River Preserve trail system, a very warm day I... more

Hot Summer Day

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Took these shots on the Shield Ranch in Western Travis county.. but they make me think of a HOT summer... more