Who Knows?

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Who Knows What lies Beneath Still waters… be careful wading in east and South Texas…










Smooth Waters

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The 400 mm lens let me take a few shots that seemed like I was really close to the water... more


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All along the shores of Black Cat lake are wonderful bird habitats..and as in most places.. the Famous..Great blue Heron!        

Black cat lake

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We took a slow spin around Black Cat Lake in a small pontoon...beautiful...        

Ellen’s Pad

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Ellen's Place is right on the slough..we ate a wonderful lunch on the porch after a ride around the lake..        

Tree Diversity

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The Slough had it all.. from wonderful cypress to bottom land hard woods.. amazing..        

East Texas

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Jen and I headed out to East Texas and part of that trip was to Boggy Slough near Lufkin! These... more

Right near the Pond

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These were a few of the Birds right near the pond..      

Here Comes the Birding classic

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Jen and I are warming up for the Great Texas Birding Classic.. we are going to try for 2 tournaments... more

Cozy Circle

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With the Lance 2285, we now camped in the Cozy Circle... nice place.. level campsites..the pups loved it..