Snow in Texas?

December 14, 2017  |  Austin  |  1 Comment

Yes! We did get about 3/4 of an inch of Snow in Big Fluffy White flakes.. it was Dumping for a bit and so Classic for Central Texas..




Near Dallas

12/13/2017  |  No Comments

Again.. we are back and out birding near Dallas!     

Call Your Congressman

12/12/2017  |  No Comments

Lets protect the Internet on this day and tell our representatives in Washington to preserve net neutrality! Click the Banner... more


12/11/2017  |  No Comments

We traveled up north to the Dallas area for some Birding, it was nutty to be so close to the... more

Something home made?

12/07/2017  |  No Comments

Jen and I do cook at the house!       


12/06/2017  |  No Comments

The rehabilitation of the Seaholm power plant in Downtown Austin has made a very cool place right on Lady bird... more


12/05/2017  |  No Comments

I have been riding my new E- Mountain bike a lot lately, its really fun and easy to ride, and... more

The struggle is real

12/04/2017  |  1 Comment

Yes, for casino getting on the bed to cuddle is a very real struggle, and one he fights for everyday!!   Fight... more

Happy Birthday Chris!

12/01/2017  |  2 Comments

We Actually Celebrated with a trip to the Salty Sow, and a late night show with Antiseen and Zeke! Epic... more


11/30/2017  |  Comments Off on Tasty

How about a few food shots! Chicken broccoli casserole! Black berry pancakes Chicken with cauliflower rice and black beans Low carb cranberry cobbler!