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Outside the county line by the lake…Turtles are swimming by..

an arm off of Lake Austin 


The Dock


Here they come..


Little Guy


Solid BBQ



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April puts on a great gig each year to raise money for nursing mothers.. its a great cause and a... more

Punks on Parade

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Great local band, Punks On Parade playing here at the band shell over on the East side for the MBMX... more

Against Me!

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One of My Favorite Bands... playing here at the Mohawk in Austin..I had a lot of photos...not many in focus!... more

Garden Box

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With the new house.. I had to build a new Garden Box..This time we went with 4x8, but we added... more

We Walked

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After we got the Campsite set up we all took a short walk in the park as the Sunset..          

Wilson H. Fox

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We took a quick Trip to Wilson H. Fox on Granger Lake Near Taylor Texas... We brought Walter with us... more

5 Dollar show

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Some of the best shows...are Five bucks.. This was a great night with some friends playing and OC45 visiting from... more

Mountain Laurel

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Each Spring our Mountain Laurel trees bloom and the whole yard smells like bubble gum.. its wonderful!       


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Our Furry guys laying around in the back yard while I scoop...