January 23, 2018  |  Food  |  1 Comment

Its only Tempting if you actually walk by and look at it….Shots here of the sweets case at work..

This one made me think to take the photos, the detail in the little honey combs was off the charts


This might be the ultimate with a cup of coffee


Cronut? They would not admit it.. but I think it is..




The center of the case


Old school

Tough calls

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Well, Actually no tough calls.. these were all fantastic..        

Winter birds

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Jen and I have been getting out most weekends recently looking for birds..We see a lot of the usual suspects... more

Family Photos

01/18/2018  |  1 Comment

Our Furry Friends and my love!          

Cypress Trees

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When you get down near the creeks and rivers, you will see Cypress trees here in Texas, They grow wonderfully... more

Departing the John Bunker Sands

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As we walked out of the John Bunker Sands Wetlands, a big group of Mallards kicked off..and near the shore,... more


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Ducks were plentiful at the Joh  Bunker Sands, but they were skittish, and rightly so after Gun season..getting close was... more

John Bunker Sands Wetlands

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This was a great spot north of Austin Jen and I visited a couple weeks ago..really nice board walks!           

Mad Minute

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We call it the Mad minute, or taking a second on a road trip to let the dogs out and... more

Couture Continues

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The Display of the hand made one of a kind dresses was large.. each one made to tell a story... more