Decker in the Afternoon

April 17, 2014  |  Birds  |  No Comments

We headed over to one of our favorite spots for the dogs.. Decker lake..Saw some birds!

American Robin Migrating through

American Robin Migrating through


Local Black Vulture

Local Black Vulture


Red Wing Black birds Ganging up

Red Wing Black birds Ganging up


Gang of Red wings

Gang of Red wings


Field Sparrow?

Field Sparrow?

Near Granger Lake

04/16/2014  |  No Comments

A couple of shots of the creek below the Dam at Granger lake.. a couple of the lake itself from... more

Around San Antonio

04/15/2014  |  No Comments

Down around San Antonio Texas here.. a few random shots..Gotta love South Texas!        

Longhorn Cavern

04/14/2014  |  No Comments

Located near Inks Lake Jen and I stopped by for an Above ground look around at Longhorn Cavern St. Park..... more


04/11/2014  |  2 Comments

Chuck and Casino are best buddies.. and these little furry ones are the BEST!

Mission San Jose

04/10/2014  |  No Comments

After our hike at Mitchell lakes we popped in for a quick visit to Mission San Jose..The history is amazing... more


04/09/2014  |  No Comments

We have a wide variety of Cactus down here in the lone star state!          

Mitchell Lakes

04/08/2014  |  1 Comment

Just South of San Antonio we visited the Mitchell Lakes Audubon center.. nice place with a pretty long hike, we... more


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The Migration has certainly begun.. These were shout about 2 weeks or so ago.. and most likely all are local... more

Flowing water

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The Lake at Mueller has a few wonderful little pour overs to watch the water.. the ducks love it..we even... more