Aransas Bay

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Aransas NWR has a wonderful wild feel!












Just a snack

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Well... not really a snack per se...more of a meal!            

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

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What a vast and wild place... Love to visit here... the Aransas NWR is located on the gulf and holds... more

Baby Alligators

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We Crossed a bridge in Aransas National wildlife refuge and saw a sign for " aggressive alligators", we all kinda... more

Black Swallowtail butterfly

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We moved on to Port Aransas National Wildlife refuge down near the coast.. we pulled up to a short hike... more

Bastrop St. Park

06/10/2016  |  Comments Off on Bastrop St. Park

After Allum creek we stopped at Bastrop St. Park for a little lunch, we saw the Pie billed Grebe, and... more

Red Headed wood pecker

06/09/2016  |  Comments Off on Red Headed wood pecker

On the Birding classic we got a lot of great birds.. some added to our life list..for me this was... more

Wild Flowers and Chuck..

06/08/2016  |  1 Comment

There were really some pretty wild flowers at the tree farm in east Texas... and Chuck had a blast!                

Altercation Punk Rock BBQ

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JT Curates one of the Best Shows at SXSW, its a family fun event full of friends and punk rock!        

My Favorite Line up

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This was by far my favorite line up at SXSW