Birds Along the Red lake trail

November 25, 2014  |  Birds  |  No Comments

We saw a lot of great birds early on the Red lake trail..

Cedar Wax Wing

Cedar Wax Wing


White Crown Sparrow

White Crown Sparrow



Huge Rocks tower above us

Huge Rocks tower above us





Black Cap Chickadee

Black Cap Chickadee

Heading out for Red Eagle lake

11/24/2014  |  No Comments

A new hike for both of us in Glacier.. Red Eagle lake from the St. Mary's side...        

How are the Dogs?

11/21/2014  |  2 Comments

Doing great! They are putting on their winter coats and hanging out..            

What did we eat?

11/20/2014  |  No Comments

Oh My but what a wonderful assortment..          

Goose Island

11/19/2014  |  No Comments

There are a lot of iconic views in Glacier National park..but possibly the most photographed spot is Goose Island on... more

Good Morning Glacier

11/18/2014  |  No Comments

Ahhh....Glacier National Park...              

Logan pass

11/17/2014  |  No Comments

Views from the East side of Logan pass on a morning that was just breaking up..        

Weather Started to clear

11/14/2014  |  No Comments

We rolled up the going to the sun road and up and over Logan pass, and as we passed the... more

What did we eat?

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Oh My... some of these were ordered by friends thank goodness.. like the bacon wrapped meatloaf.. not me this time!!... more

One more look around

11/12/2014  |  No Comments

We were really trying to kill some time as we waited for the weather to clear.. it was raining and... more