Street Art

March 24, 2017  |  Travel  |  No Comments

After a long day of work we went downtown for some amazing food at an Argentinian steak house.. then walked around a nearby plaza and noticed this wall of street art…






Back in the City

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After the wonderful hiking.. we went back into the city...and it was busy!         

Rain Forest

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After the Lodge my Guide and I hiked for a bit in the rain forest along well manicured trails.. these... more

Crazy Frogs

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Costa Rica has some wild frogs.. and I am pretty sure some of these are deadly..        


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Peace Lodge is a great spot.. after walking around the hummingbird area, they have a display of some of the... more

Hummingbird feeders

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Just past the Butterfly garden was a bunch of Hummingbird feeders with some awesome action..          

Butterfly garden

03/10/2017  |  Comments Off on Butterfly garden

We got up the mountain and to peace lodge.. it was raining pretty hard all day so I had to... more


03/09/2017  |  Comments Off on Tasty

Oh yea... Tasty Treats...          

Going up

03/08/2017  |  Comments Off on Going up

Up into the mountains that is.. after the coffee plantation my guide and I went further into the rain forest... more


03/07/2017  |  Comments Off on Coffee

Typically my post would be of a wonderful latte.. or maybe Coffee and a Scone.. but this was the source..... more