Heading out for Red Eagle lake

November 24, 2014  |  Vacation  |  No Comments

A new hike for both of us in Glacier.. Red Eagle lake from the St. Mary’s side…










How are the Dogs?

11/21/2014  |  2 Comments

Doing great! They are putting on their winter coats and hanging out..            

What did we eat?

11/20/2014  |  No Comments

Oh My but what a wonderful assortment..          

Goose Island

11/19/2014  |  No Comments

There are a lot of iconic views in Glacier National park..but possibly the most photographed spot is Goose Island on... more

Good Morning Glacier

11/18/2014  |  No Comments

Ahhh....Glacier National Park...              

Logan pass

11/17/2014  |  No Comments

Views from the East side of Logan pass on a morning that was just breaking up..        

Weather Started to clear

11/14/2014  |  No Comments

We rolled up the going to the sun road and up and over Logan pass, and as we passed the... more

What did we eat?

11/13/2014  |  No Comments

Oh My... some of these were ordered by friends thank goodness.. like the bacon wrapped meatloaf.. not me this time!!... more

One more look around

11/12/2014  |  No Comments

We were really trying to kill some time as we waited for the weather to clear.. it was raining and... more

Lake McDonald

11/11/2014  |  No Comments

Walking out back of the Lodge its the huge and deep lake McDonald which stretches for like 20 miles...