Posters for Freedom

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WWII was big on the posters for Freedom! 







Logs and Posts

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WWII had all the written words...from log books to postal mail and Advertisements!         

Tools of war

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These were the tools of war...        

Goggles of WWII

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World War II was big on Goggles..Tankers..Pilots...Technicians...Everyone seemed to have a pair...          

Aircraft of the museum

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The Nimitz has some great old planes that still shows the scars of battle..      

Nimitz Museum

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Fredericksburg has a wonderful WWII Museum..        

Mothers day

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We had a wonderful time out at Jen's Grandmothers..      

Wrapping up a trip to San Antonio

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We planned on moving up to the riverwalk and the Alamo, however as we approached it seemed obvious it was... more

Old World

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Well, I am not sure if the missions are technically "old world", Wouldn't that be ancient China or Mesopotamia, I... more

Looking around inside

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The working Parishes of the Missions had all the usual trappings of the standard Catholic church..