nesting material

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The folks at Pedernales leave out some old stuffing from a pillow or a dog toy.. it makes for excellent nesting material for the hummingbirds..

Just grabbing a little

Just grabbing a little



Nesting material

Nesting material



Mourning dove

Mourning dove



Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

Splash of color

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At Pedernales we got a splash of color from some Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and a Painted bunting.. Oh...and a Squirrel... more

Birds at Pedernales

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Pedernales St. Park has a great bird blind.. 2 sides with a glassed area and all of the features to... more


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Pedernales had some great views and a bit of vegetation tried to live on the limestone..        

Pedernales Falls

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Located about 33 Miles west of Austin is Pedernales falls St. Park.. Nice place with a wonderful carved limestone falls... more

Birds at Warbler woods

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North of San Antonio and East of I-35 lies a family estate that they have turned into a bird sanctuary..... more

Anahuac National Wildlife refuge

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Located East of Houston and along the coast.. this massive area of wetlands serves as a landing zone for all... more


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We cruised over to Smith Oaks at High Island which is really a slightly elevated area due to being on... more


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One of the best parts of hiking way out on to the bolivar is there are still some shells on... more

Terns and Tankers

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Once we had hiked out to the tip and we could see the break water Jetty..Tankers Rolled by one after... more