Pups on a hike

August 25, 2016  |  Dogs  |  1 Comment

Jen and I walked up Kraut Canyon in the Lincoln national forest with the Pups.. up towards the top everyone was ready for a rest…

Loved ones!

Loved ones!


Chuck at the Campground in Riudoso NM

Chuck at the Campground in Riudoso NM





Little Paws

Little Paws


Campsite in Durango Colorado

Campsite in Durango Colorado

Woods Lake

08/24/2016  |  No Comments

In Minneapolis MN, We had a great walk around Woods lake..      

Near the Sewage Plant

08/23/2016  |  1 Comment

Seems like some of the best birding is near the ¬†sewage plant...      

Peregrin Falcon

08/22/2016  |  1 Comment

One of our best sights of the day was on S. Padre Island near the convention center... and the Mighty... more

Laguna Madre

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Between the mainland and S. Padre Island is Laguna Madre, a wonderful place and excellent stop over for birds..        

Laguna Atacosa

08/18/2016  |  No Comments

Home of the Jaguarundi..This is a massive wildlife refuge in S.E. Texas..        

Yellow Fronted and Western King Bird

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While not the greatest photo of all time.. I did capture these two guys together...            

Green Jay

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One of the coolest and goofiest looking birds down in the Rio Grande Valley..        


08/15/2016  |  No Comments

Love the Pelican...a Brown Pelican here..        

I mean Vegas Baby!

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Its such a toddling town...