Lake Mcdonald

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We walked out to the shore at Apgar village and looked out across lake Mcdonald..










Avalanche Gorge

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One of the more iconic spots in Glacier National park              


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Chis Begged for more Mystical shots from the Trail of the Cedars, I am happy to oblige...                

Trail of the Cedars

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One of the more popular hikes at Glacier is the Trail of the Cedars. Its a wonderful wooden boardwalk through... more


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I was looking though some of the little cam shots and remembered to show what its like to look back... more

One last look

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We had lunch and Jimmy dried off...we took a few last looks around and then started the 5 mile walk... more

Then Jimmy took a swim

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This was incredible..9000 feet above sea level.. air temps around 55 degrees, water temps about 38-39...Jimmy, Jen's brother,  say's lets... more

So many shapes

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I just loved sitting on the side of the lake having a sandwich and looking at all the shapes of... more

Ice Bergs

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The water is cold at IceBerg Lake..and it comes off the glaciers and just blows around the lake..        

Destination comes into view

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IceBerg Lake, Glacier National Park