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From our trip to Houston, this was a City park, and so nice to walk around…

one of my favorite shots



Shots from the weekend

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Well, I pulled these off my phone! Pat Visited on Thursday last week, and we had a wonderful time. Jen... more

Oh my!!

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Wow... so many treats!          


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While we were in Houston, we drove through the parking lot of the space center! This place will need a... more


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Houston is home to some serious commerce, including being one of the busiest shipping ports in the world, it also... more

San Jacinto Monument

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Jen and I's Birding adventures took us to Houston and specifically Baytown. Which is a story of its own.. but... more

On the Shore

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We were looking just about everywhere for some birds, so we wondered over to the boat ramp...        

San Gabriel River

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Jen and I walked along the banks of the San Gabriel which feeds Granger lake..        

Closer shots at Berry Springs

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What a beautiful day it was cruising around..              

Just strolling around Berry Springs

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A few of the sites as Jen and I walked the perimeter of the park..