CCC refectory

04/06/2017  |  1 Comment

Meridian State park had a wonderful clubhouse down by the lake that the CCC built in the 30's...Texas St. Parks... more

Camp sites

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We got to Meridian just ahead of most folks..( 4 campers pulled in behind us)..So we could pick from the... more

Heading out to Meridian

04/04/2017  |  Comments Off on Heading out to Meridian

Meridian State park only has about 12 Camp sites so when we were able to get a spot for the... more


04/03/2017  |  Comments Off on Trails..

Meridian St. Park was the next destination, and we headed to the trails right as we got there to give... more

Ranger and Breeze

03/31/2017  |  Comments Off on Ranger and Breeze

We Do have a couple of horses.. I don't ride a ton, but Jen does and I snapped these shots... more

A Well Made Drink

03/30/2017  |  1 Comment

Jen and I both Love a Well made Cocktail... with the revolution back to prohibition style bars with exceptional has... more

Leaving on a jet plane

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The Week in Costa rica was quick..and much of it was spent in a big office building downtown..No shots of... more

It just goes on and on

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The Street Art went on and on and on.. and I loved the weirdness that was downtown San Jose Costa... more

Street Art…More

03/27/2017  |  1 Comment

it just went on for ever...Plus at the bottom an Added shot from our game cam showing a wonderful bob... more

Street Art

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After a long day of work we went downtown for some amazing food at an Argentinian steak house.. then walked... more