Lower Dirty 6th

06/09/2017  |  Comments Off on Lower Dirty 6th

Its a long street of entertainment choices! And it gets its name for a reason!           

Dirty 6th

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What tour of Austin does not end up on Dirty 6th street?        


06/07/2017  |  Comments Off on Downtown

We walked around the Warehouse district..        


06/06/2017  |  Comments Off on SXSW

After seeing some Museums and wonderful Texas culture.. SXSW pulled into town and we walked around our great city!         

Bolted Down

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Everything is so industrial at the museum...its wonderful..        

Ship guns

06/02/2017  |  Comments Off on Ship guns

Most likely used for anti aircraft engagements...possibly Ship to Ship ..          

Museum Details

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I loved shooting those little Dioramas for the amazing detail in such a small creation..        

Little Dioramas

05/31/2017  |  Comments Off on Little Dioramas

The Nimitz has some great miniatures and the folks who created these models put a lot of time into the... more

Posters for Freedom

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WWII was big on the posters for Freedom!             

Logs and Posts

05/22/2017  |  Comments Off on Logs and Posts

WWII had all the written words...from log books to postal mail and Advertisements!