Entering Doka Estates

03/06/2017  |  Comments Off on Entering Doka Estates

I visited a long time working Coffee Plantation...Doka Estates...        


03/03/2017  |  Comments Off on Alajuela

As we Drove up into the mountains on this rainy day, we got a good view of Alajuela and some... more

A drive up to the mountains

03/02/2017  |  Comments Off on A drive up to the mountains

These shots are from Alajuela Costa Rica. I went with a tour up to the local mountains for a visit... more

Downtown San Jose

03/01/2017  |  Comments Off on Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose Costa Rica is a bustling place on a Sunday Afternoon..        


02/28/2017  |  Comments Off on Marriott

My Hotel in Costa Rica was nice.. a Marriott..            

Flying into Costa Rica

02/27/2017  |  Comments Off on Flying into Costa Rica

Very Early morning flight to Houston and then on to San Jose Costa Rica!         

Beach Dogs

02/24/2017  |  Comments Off on Beach Dogs

Our Golden Dog, Casino is happiest on the beach I think...          

Chuck Meets his twin

02/23/2017  |  Comments Off on Chuck Meets his twin

We went to the Dog Park in Port Aransas for a little social time for the Pups.. and Chuck's Twin... more

Waller Creek Art

02/22/2017  |  Comments Off on Waller Creek Art

Earlier in the Winter Waller Creek area hosts a large scale Art exhibition that is all about color and lights..... more

Golden dog

02/21/2017  |  Comments Off on Golden dog

Casino is a big sweety, just a big lug who loves his mommy!!