Berry Springs

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Berry Springs is larger than you would think, and it resides in North Round rock about 20 minutes from Austin...        


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There is a small town called Granger over near the lake.. there is a new brew pub, and its almost... more

Red Tail Hawk

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We Saw a Red Tail Hawk soaring right over our heads..Amazing...      

Playing on the shore

01/31/2018  |  1 Comment

I was a ways away, but no one was around, so the leashes came off.. I love it when the... more

In the Day use Area

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When we visited Granger lake, it was empty..There are a ton of little shelters and places for a Picnic, and... more

Lake Granger

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Near Taylor Texas Jen and I visited the Core of Engineers parks as well as the wildlife management areas that... more

Rolling with the pups

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These guys love the Mad minute... this is a pull over on a road trip for the pups to get... more

Local Ducks

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These guys never leave this park in Taylor Texas          

Canadian geese

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Here we have some Canadian geese visiting Inks Lake from beautiful Minnesota, they say they are just staying for the... more


01/23/2018  |  1 Comment

Its only Tempting if you actually walk by and look at it....Shots here of the sweets case at work..