01/08/2018  |  Comments Off on Wildlife

In the Witte, the wild life are had lots of great Texas species!         

Natural History

01/05/2018  |  Comments Off on Natural History

The Witte has a wonderful area dedicated to the native plants and animals in Texas... nice to see all the... more


01/04/2018  |  Comments Off on Ribs

Well, here we have 2 types of Ribs.. one is from a modern restaurant called Doc B's.. a chain, and... more


01/03/2018  |  Comments Off on Cowboys!

The Witte took us through a period of time in the late 1800's...where cowboys roamed the plains of Texas        

Happy new year

01/02/2018  |  1 Comment

At the Witte Museum, I came across this critical document for the new year..I expect many signed it...        

Holiday fun!

12/29/2017  |  1 Comment

The Pups took advantage of the nice days and sproncked all over the open field..        

GingerBread Houses

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Every Year our folks at the Cafe Make some amazing Gingerbread Villages!         

Our Pad in the Winter

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Winter in Austin is like fall in most parts of the country. While we like to kill invasive species, this... more

Merry Christmas

12/22/2017  |  1 Comment

The lights here at the Domain close to our House.. and our tree..        

Witte Randomness

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There was plenty of Random stuff at the Witte...