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The Ship Channel has all kinds of Boats..           

The Beauty of the Houston Ship Channel

08/11/2017  |  Comments Off on The Beauty of the Houston Ship Channel

Well...its interesting to cross, full of activity and ships moving in and out of the port..but for beauty? not so... more


08/10/2017  |  Comments Off on Warblers

Quite possibly the toughest birds to photograph. These little song birds are almost in constant motion and in among the... more

High Island

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Well known with Birders, its High Island..a small hill right off the gulf with tons of trees and it makes... more


08/08/2017  |  Comments Off on Terns

A fairly wide variety of Terns here take off from a sand spit and re-land in a series of shots...

Fishing by the Old Pier

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The Old Dock is Really deteriorated in the channel..this is a little road cut between the ocean and the shipping... more

Life on the Beach

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Birds find their way to the Bolivar and hang out on their Journey's north..Hundreds of species...          

By the Sea

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We moved on down near the Ocean, Specifically we rode the ferry from Galveston over to one of my Favorite... more

Painted Bunting

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One of my Favorite birds, The Painted Bunting, Looks like he was caught under a painting and was dripped on!       

Butterflies and Flowers

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Sometimes the Birding is slow.. but there is always beauty around...