Crosby Farm

10/05/2017  |  2 Comments

Before heading to Canada, We did do a Day hike over at Crosby Farm.. nice place..        


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We Arrived in Winnipeg!         

A few Favorites!

10/03/2017  |  1 Comment

The things we see on Vacation...        

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

10/02/2017  |  1 Comment

What a great trip to the Largest Candy store.. I am still packing away pop rocks and Chocolate coins...and they... more

Micklethwait Craft Meats

09/29/2017  |  Comments Off on Micklethwait Craft Meats

We have a Trailer on the East side whipping up some BBQ that is to die for...        

Real Planes

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They Had a B-17...a very real plane...        


09/27/2017  |  Comments Off on Mini’s

They had the Best Mini's..        

Air Museum

09/26/2017  |  Comments Off on Air Museum

Fargo has a wonderful Air Museum           

Out to the Southside

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Fargo used to seem smaller, 13 Ave. S was kinda the outer artery of the South side, and 25th, was... more

Old Broadway!

09/22/2017  |  Comments Off on Old Broadway!

Well its Friday and I guess if we were back in F-G-O We would hit the Old Broadway...