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Holiday fun!

December 29, 2017  |  Dogs  |  1 Comment

The Pups took advantage of the nice days and sproncked all over the open field..





GingerBread Houses

December 27, 2017  |  Austin  |  Comments Off on GingerBread Houses

Every Year our folks at the Cafe Make some amazing Gingerbread Villages! 





Our Pad in the Winter

December 26, 2017  |  Austin  |  Comments Off on Our Pad in the Winter

Winter in Austin is like fall in most parts of the country. While we like to kill invasive species, this outlaw tree in our front yard does provide some nice color on a December morning..

December 2017


Foreign Invader.. still looks nice in the morning light


Christmas Decorations


20 paws ranch

Merry Christmas

December 22, 2017  |  Austin  |  1 Comment

The lights here at the Domain close to our House.. and our tree..





Our Tree

Witte Randomness

December 21, 2017  |  Travel  |  Comments Off on Witte Randomness

There was plenty of Random stuff at the Witte…





Witte Museum

December 20, 2017  |  Travel  |  Comments Off on Witte Museum

Jen and I with her Brother and Her Mom, took a little road trip down to San Antonio to see the Witte Museum.. wonderful! 




This Map really shows the extensive bike and hike trails along the San Antonio river.

Playing some Video Games!

December 19, 2017  |  Family  |  Comments Off on Playing some Video Games!

Jen and I went out with her Bother Mark and Walter to play some video games on a rainy day! Super fun at the big arcade…

Giant Pacman for us Retro Gamers


One of the more popular machines


Whoa.. 3D…


Walter gets a cold one before the onslaught


After hours of Video Games Mark Started to look a little strange…

What a day..

December 18, 2017  |  Dogs  |  Comments Off on What a day..

The Pups get out and about way more on a road trip…Typically they sleep 16 hours  a day.. so all day fun is exhausting…

What a night.. the crew wakes up after a huge rock and roll party in another hotel room…


Sabbath Crow

December 15, 2017  |  Music  |  Comments Off on Sabbath Crow

We have a great local band Called Sabbath Crow.. Super nice folks from Elgin Texas! Here they play the Kick Butt Coffee house which has stepped up as a venue for Alternative music lately.. Good stuff.





Snow in Texas?

December 14, 2017  |  Austin  |  1 Comment

Yes! We did get about 3/4 of an inch of Snow in Big Fluffy White flakes.. it was Dumping for a bit and so Classic for Central Texas..