August 26, 2016  |  Dogs

I have a little story for National Dog Day!

Our dog Casino is a special boy.. big and sweet, kinda slow and easy going….

While out on a major romp in the national forest Casino chased the other dogs around the woods and I captured a few shots of him trying to keep up..Here in the first shot we see Casino looking confident, strong.. he sees the tree he needs to hop over and looks like he has good clearance and height..


Casino looking confident..

its in this middle that Casino notices that he might not have enough air or distance to actually make this leap..

I'm not so sure..

I’m not so sure..

He has Paws on the obstacle but that is not going to get him up and over… so our fearless hero slides back down to sitting position and looks for support from the pack!



We laughed for hours on this event..I was so happy to have snapped a few shots… Casino is a big lover but not the most coordinated pup of the pack..He did find his way over the log with a few determined steps, and his play day was epic!

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  1. I love Casino so much. A gentle giant……