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While we were in Houston, we drove through the parking lot of the space center! This place will need a return trip for sure!






NASA Jet fighter executing a tight right turn


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Houston is home to some serious commerce, including being one of the busiest shipping ports in the world, it also has its fair share of refineries and chemical plants. Baytown is home to most of this stuff.. and birds and habitat just flows around mans significant footprint. 





Laughing gulls


San Jacinto Monument

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Jen and I’s Birding adventures took us to Houston and specifically Baytown. Which is a story of its own.. but our first stop in the  morning was a peninsula across from the monument commemorating the battle of San Jacinto! 





Couture Continues

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The Display of the hand made one of a kind dresses was large.. each one made to tell a story of the local area…







The Dresses of Fiesta

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The Witte has a wonderful display of the over the top Dresses of Fiesta in San Antonio! 






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In the Witte, the wild life are had lots of great Texas species! 





Natural History

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The Witte has a wonderful area dedicated to the native plants and animals in Texas… nice to see all the animals that actually live here in the state.. 






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The Witte took us through a period of time in the late 1800’s…where cowboys roamed the plains of Texas





Happy new year

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At the Witte Museum, I came across this critical document for the new year..I expect many signed it…

Temperance Pledge, open to read, hopefully there is enough resolution





Witte Randomness

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There was plenty of Random stuff at the Witte…