Corbet’s Couloir

December 9, 2016  |  Vacation

At the top of Jackson hole is a run they open from time to time with a drop of Mandatory air before a steep cliff walled chute.. Corbet’s...When I was a skier this was the biggy, and one spring break with awesome spring conditions I skied the famous chute with about a 7 foot drop into the steeps.. it was make it or break it..Miss the turn at the top, and everyone on the tram and watching from the Rim would see you plummet with possible life alerting outcomes.. or you make the first turn and look like a hero..That day I made it..and on our trip up to Wyoming..I reminisced  as we looked back at the mighty Jackson hole from the southern edge of the Grand Teton National park..

Top Of Jackson Hole


Corbitts is center to the left of the tram pole..


South Teton


American Robin



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  1. I saw that run from the bottom. Not even tempted to go up there.
    I got off of the tram at the first stop.