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Ramshorn Basin

August 3, 2012  |  Outdoors, WildLife  |  Comments Off on Ramshorn Basin

We did several rides, but the All Day ride on Tuesday was probably the best..We took about 3 hours in both directions to Ramshorn Basin, where we were treated to Alpine views and herds of Elk moving through the Valley..simply amazing..

The namesake of the basin?

down valley

The far valley wall

The basin

Elk as they consider moving down the valley

Lets Ride

August 2, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

Once at the Ranch, we met our horses and went for some ride… shown here my trusty guy, Sundance. Jen rode Butch. We headed off for Windy Knob.


Jen Riding

My View for the next few days

Butch and Sundance

On the Trail

Looking around

August 1, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  1 Comment

We settled in at the Tcross Ranch and took a look around.. the ranch is nestled into the horse creek valley with great views of Bodecker butte and the ridges that line the valley walls..we saw Mountain blue birds and robins everywhere..

Bodecker Butte

Mountain Blue bird

Ridges in the Valley

TCross Lodge

Robin, with a treat

up valley