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Looking N. and S.

September 28, 2012  |  Birds, Outdoors, WildLife  |  Comments Off on Looking N. and S.

A few Random shots here as we killed time after seeing the Geese and Sandhills.. we drove to a turn off near a big bend in the river and watched some Pelican’s from a long way off.. then turning around we saw a large group of Elk on the hillside across the highway.. very impressive.. but nothing was so dominate in the view as Mt. Moran.


pelicans and geese




Mt Moran and Skillet Glacier


September 27, 2012  |  Birds  |  Comments Off on Geese

Mom and Dad take the kids out for a stroll on a lazy oxbow lake

Sand hill cranes

September 26, 2012  |  Birds  |  Comments Off on Sand hill cranes

Jen and I made our way to the Airport along a quiet road in the Snake river Valley… as we crossed a bridge Jen ( of course) spotted and sang out, ” Sand Hill!” wham.. we hit the brakes and whipped out the cameras.. a key sighting for us.. We were unable to photograph the little baby Sand Hills that this big mama was watching over as they stayed well hidden in the brush, but we got some occasional glimpses of the little ones as we took these shots..

Cunningham Cabin

September 25, 2012  |  Birds, Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Cunningham Cabin

A few parting shots of a National historic marker.. commemorating the early pioneers to the Snake river valley.. and a crowned sparrow..



Birds around the Cabin

September 24, 2012  |  Birds  |  Comments Off on Birds around the Cabin

Cunningham cabin seemed to be a Haven for birds.. we saw lots of mountain blue birds hopping in the fields and what seemed like large sparrows hopping back and forth on the fence.. and of course.. raptors and crows!

Mountain Blue bird

Maybe a type of Sparrow

In mid Hop!


Mountain blue birds were hopping in the fields on the ground

Big Crow

A Little history

September 21, 2012  |  General, Outdoors  |  1 Comment

We had a few hours, so we boogied up to Pierce Cabin early in the morning. We saw a few Elk from way off and we caught up on our Pioneer history at Pierce cabin.

History..amazing its still standing


Jen at the entrance to Pierce Cabin


Cross buck and Rail..


Elk…Way off in the distance


Sharp relief in the morning light


Mountain blue bird..

Northern Flicker

September 20, 2012  |  Outdoors, WildLife  |  Comments Off on Northern Flicker

We really only had the morning left and it was back to Austin.. we were bound and determined to make the best of it! Right out of the gate we were treated to wonderful scenes of Balloons over the Jackson Valley.. and a Northern Flicker on the fence pole.




September 19, 2012  |  WildLife  |  1 Comment

As night fell and we wound our way down the back road, we finally spotted the elusive Bull Elk.. Wow.. it was dark.. and from across the Valley.. I tried to hold the camera still and pump up the iso for a few shots…very neat site..


Moose close up

September 18, 2012  |  WildLife  |  Comments Off on Moose close up

After the hike we took the long way back to Susies..and crossed back over the snake river at Moose Junction.. Living up to its name.. we were able to have a close encounter with the giant mammal…

Storms were brewing

September 17, 2012  |  Outdoors  |  Comments Off on Storms were brewing

As we wrapped up the String lake hike, we felt like we better high tail it.. Dark clouds were forming over the mountains and it really felt like rain.. but we made it out with only a sprinkle.. On a local note.. we had rain all weekend here in central Texas..Just what we needed!


lilly pads